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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  February 23, 2016 10:35pm-11:37pm MST

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evybpp steey!weomo n t sow" yu,ha'sovelthk u uc foini usa lile o whack there. ank you u. lce the tew. y.weothlah,"sthen cole spipe alcu but you know wh else iscirc and big outthg tostng cirerudep st, i'is the fo ts. i t thk the maic tureshou be ed t walk aund cond spefor amusent.( eend applseefhe that'shtth rgh that'si oo, edo round edor ( )apause
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aditi tt goes baca 15ars. he therresuntr. urse fmousushe toss oky mos surprimcclat tcoatof bl ru ecyourisryoo, den wtewh jus sa.ey a jng t ttre nhn.thephas willsenta nctu f wtheybee tooam he platherphan, le alflorida rerees, mainy d wrkled lauger ) orampysee e be cres gbrig fy o floridwhen our gold yeart thvan thter e retent ? hi,here! y,e! ( rs a ) l. yooireysdo yh
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now,la, kw tou id t rry.erno mywn th b the aive ( ug sh hh!shhh you someeut do y wut ereuo, heom s?doano th fed?ou l?ou learu ka over yong all>> yeah, yeam sen someanutwant som ps. >>en: mr a you al >> no,t agi ph: llico an t k t >>en: i diot is mity. hi. ous? ea tephen: ey d ho y>> id it ntt. ou rt .
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sph yeroinouer g a ckryorhelephan. >>d.enhadid s i norm. )th. >>l.teie nec is oy .( ug well, k we shbablyt going mere being. >> ser yby. y uin >> ste: anher orot ayounit's ues stfhe mriesurdebr ssthen i'lt downagd sc
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( rsppus 'rn it tnforeonngw t ad mif hew pe ouhee roinerhi wchou beans ty laer ) >> tonomza prfmaes. featn anhu d w te r heatowitsthen lbt"( chus): hhe ( eers a app)
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okve, i co out ht after do, andthe are nnmjust lile snn end iprennom nottolly ratostck chae trerdsbooi. >>anou y not eer theivu str y ar snt so fight we, ke ey're so chainnyrstotad cutl ou0 tsangeeem s. t re ars r areete 1ta iehi ton tha be trsnd f suprcour ty
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s y itortavote t-s pl ) >> w cnky >>teent,he lde rublican.and right nortey ismoy beusru le 6%.uge ds il'tige s r. atilirdfaly tee atoing it'ing nd moreplausiblat donalump
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beca tnk y a i eay p,ndpresti se in nd h stedn horitarid leer-- ououolr whbo, hipeonthinoubudialerhefbudi bdgest ri thans chiaif sahili is like h aalfn trpredim b reonngn e moisan wahied f aned by -- w, ne kno may-i that tul isd prayhat te
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itldn'be the f t pe beeguar a ow ch ausaiag-applghdu i'not sll he ws tpope, e faibepse e sai--ang frhe-- causa pe clarified th attacking um 's right.trp oe te wivihr a k gayear g ump t onho s
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ou pain thetine ch ( la an catlic,i tew e po's example and ologumm foalthin aboou e cehs u , t go.ache a th lto ochest.u se w aco os mn w, i rary ha myavs,o pra na, expininsats to myon-choc friendlaugere kike gx-me stons er fiinyoost
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ioss mes la con e itika atofryomigr inurou aco s ering ouldine myienc, thce. n't tell anybody, right? audnce: of course not! stephea iteph's dn cfensug t ror i he areechnalins, but fbad abtthem okll brighckforgdi boniore tis ts owhai ve real fe laerev sl , taabyo( ht ) chee a a
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nua athg th tgulaercheers ala ( ug ) i tt irear i'd kego"crijedyutfri wolome. ( laug timeomet aude, metiir gov bsee l orecsee h toau he is g i amthg abt m hanks. ftaab hoib dea speleou
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si c oi'd ghity. ( laug )peare's, "the " lyi tc"1atab u. ( ee a appla) en i'm akae d soonts s "doliin i sp li ( eersnd ap ) l offiupomle( lauger ) ( apausedoaveny snsn m
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sotimes, sometda i orderlelate of ies hsewitht. ( ugerbuy lend iin t aatentaesen it johingdilaht ndppla) m quk un stop believin el rs andlae jumped a subwtile
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hoyb t ineaty, neasuymaud lauger ) oh, i po on aar ju scous erhr ( ug ) wh ito jazubapd atdom rval makeem likapprecd nody ee got.ahe ye, tyeaht. ye whenever it s ke'm in a etin i'mst dng kinhting
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eyo. if iesed a d d me i"sltog so evyo wou kw i rescd ( uger appl so, g w ree,soneouldl rry re.( uger th ishnge, tw hay it, t thk 'ssie at domp w'tthwoidinis udieoh!
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ee motse is thed'sfirst deort acted bymome as yove,granapsu eresh almoonns ptectn to kee you movi. eeonet dow , p- scannean item. rescanretem.: it u geus. vo main mureprprta is in in nioatnwidis on yo se represen it ja ugh. yououldee yr h,u'see st h fit c sd. robiss dx otyothat d fast, powe d a.
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rr edot or it'o expensive!noe lines of uimitedust fty
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soatvewhy do sat? t fst aying "yesccepthe d byrtrs, ul ig, i kn. you? el like a hollywood insider
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erody. myststs emm awd-nninactress o played ace le t hsi "llrace e 's"tyses oura.>> s right. it cool andll. >> oore ire shar? w tohee gi's
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ere h, no you didt! y,.plcome ms thajusthe i ( apau ) a appusus a ly>>w phu'reogantit. w, t fit yrhow.itle.k yory ch ng efrtntt. th's nce it g a css l als ousnd the mee le a gddesow t in>>hator.>> ste now t-- tt cl we,ido y ot o o av at i dona ae.en
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nosks meoook m ha y h dnyth wherentar. >>o. stephen: rea iut je whe i a.enahh,reer >>haso o wll llow ler sen: no t -- bore th c to th tan wer running f was>>as! sphitase ly oon e. oy gos ut t! i'ed! el coh"t steaso so-erthsd>> paer. arom sen a p. es>>ph: agnt ek is a lpe phar wolvi ie ie bcaus th t suld verut
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'ree g a s er heny oapn y li>>h, 1 !e lof do o allhectmty gat in in auf lws te h sph: 'sad. >>nd a ase gh >>te: rely >>eah,t hpe. - >>isnotale>>ll.but m- theba ait, you al at yobaalrehek iendndatx,yo owu cat l inllir y fy so o wiin,tyo fest loser in t
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d >>etn y>>:. ro nme >>e fos. w laughinyour whole opening thing teph: thiss wh i le m.i t kot t enoo lha c b tgh keit cane t laurn dous, my f ca jus aou,ouen.>> yes ys.i thank god every night t survivedy dah my c ( er ) spho yoerel--eytng yohacteruroeha yosh y ci'elloune w sershba>> ople. >> oh, y >> sph yor dec of "woul iteicoehat in n
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hethefrat>>et!uroe'tlowown oe "oka shstik bamier. shs a beake >> stephspofe ke or sil een and cd ful,eopleeea aert -, no-- ht )o. th d 's seo >>ha wldhae sephen: hldin the ngueld bhem.yo beiy-- sass tip odhea )en: you t i make a goo redhead?o.hter >>phen nveorth a try? >>o, no, o.'r vy uger cau out
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rybody.ick ar ne geks ae walk chd! ere woe o e t blend ithe pe wale secte. 're ti e
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nos it t niaptim it lths mo ti pr ks but it mze. oaoat. nch it, ri ll rider inow, a bon a plane ld. s at pla... ..bold ifmpe .....a b..n crty, eay y.'s lderboldandean an heatst. y! hito. poildinn hadebon ld crty, crch ut-buttery
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themygethhe ariac mwe two yeahe bto 10miiopeleomne i'de,e es pla--ma wl etanpafaha oxepridviforkg lereoromen tinu le wveplinfid.
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( chrs appuse steen: ek elbr mssweerk dhe nggeout tou wan no maslw yow, bse wdrmer.wake, caork hartil ." yo. iv iisam. was layt enllso t nd o a fburaat ke nser lc anndhaiasnt n gdu
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>> sphve har pogra gntht so c p thedaiieraor oodth awatnt>>tas "d, wlmaou iil m y apr d idion g ag j t i'm 40 g harvaaw scho ught plauue sry ry?esasi,40ikg.teawy n stewhawg >>onno >> steph:id he eve nag at hoqudiyou?
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>>te f mk ahifr aig fyfaw. press he j crhemyo dath. sphe'a t esre aesoo. resssy emed rolg s wityoif >>h,tucks phenmyto to whehemight t haven aat m ( er ) osh wri n't you wordhe he en: i w 1 t're fine si'm l11, ofe, and are-br, t joke iis theirfot, t, croare fo i o aut g o w g l>>phfo ye to
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>> sas-->> who dsn phen:ouwes hereastin bie prm was : ed"h d is ." nd)do--.cheersdo e yntoinhateat's. he t w w t>>teerstis >> i dis owproud he was o's penisxa w not aas.thac
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yourair unl- i'llly ethtou hs tt.ha batou b ns. >>eot: u' gwo colaons. thank y. >>tephenthk u mh fobeingere.>> t youo mh.thtwrtna of teesf a"sedsdt e ra, ery!webeht? weo s. we do sohai... hhi[wog] t?og yni]no, we'rnorebarbue
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lac.ohh af aaf-lac!-d not a v maan. h! he t? inony,
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teenweba my nisersati acwho s pelevi"h ls" m elrynte ) >> >> thankng >>nk s vest i bi f i
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i'm realited to youplayinenwaedsnowevy timewink t got secre that cha somethi somethiring. ( la>> oftentiha i'm >> sph yooul ab thawe psyuheas nhof! >> yea c't reayfo t >>t'brows. eaw ste thecong ateea ( la ) at y a weaphen: e. th aight now.eah, i tha i the's iensity t chters tt ve yri toorma ibr a tha
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tephen: wl, s, tean,you like so o aook someingat s d p toink. av essluab te urecretsr, stiemu share iromimes you are them ors butrt- you kno meare srets playi iocs ot ret real peo s. true, ofur. ntesting taywithin differe havedcter vett iecif andemays t w thosracrs are ye a. >>:ouperfmancof s i cr lenrdim ur opo st a beaiful m 's a dre pformce.
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hiwh did y lmim ieever kwnnye actu lteoarea t osh.ove amlws. tevod ua bodd a ss of ffiment ir liv. rll hhe tmendous a andlaopanpers a ienans hll t time.stio,arng er h png.he ofatests marr hasrougnto pnafe fe.hi wtenin ght t g py dow sheeroel muchrty lif s>> se eaysmoket'heorte ng r
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direct by ffn, t yoshhas a cruson ieeligoast alone. : i lik thatye. i'medertere rytter rt of a malealilay howeat dib yt' bisbo fmit o getion 's nimplare ald trougverynterngand o comated sles, dnte' act takac vaulleleere'ctce inorradito wi ra. it's inglandscap partf ne workih awrights a and ehappy to b
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youre sh begn s. teph tar. >> pagantrnd cemon d rial oss. at d y wr? k d ar ne h oio e th reds -- e ad phenyouorheeand iteassond tesurp top. >>avthgoown.>>ene a uik on sg as a iea en: wer wuln.coo until 12th grade wit respite in we to plic school --
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it practu il gratn a thatghlndametd hat has a t at c ad at cer in m lfe. oundtheras ua i'mpiust t reliou so sabueet, erdf ory ritu t itsting.ouee that wy, rht? >> ss a es dill h laup tth 's wis w i stha wisyi greenwd, thguy o hpednon try his lin n.a sgnheer hassav rrc thi charr? aru wog i wego actual.
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shen: hhange yofivacy?eayavlif liusave it buouptopdonow at i s rdece wee ltin ioth. reng ehorin us evyweow. it--'srm yostepac a rea loonfilio ohn oisnd h it e. i'm n cracyeorist. i'm not parason. stephen don't sunlike you islistin erour phof you t w pe t l ecknghe sign wchetngheydiin t hgonotoo
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ro p i trebshe alprevtsonnow. >>teen:t' aar i he in,that's a thk eor sontsingte anarri tecologoremindful we c be mor reblee cane t otheteenu'resued o i flatteredulde at this bingumpust ey soud,he eao l nshri>>tet a. noatll "smofallis o-broadythugh h ahe lle ll the. za qo,rybodythank much. yodo thame? re? ye
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uh, ake frtate fm. like ly goo.kerm, hreein tnio s? jfrtaat y je fr khisshsoeo. wellsha guso anotr reon me pe s s t aetate.crn f it atli garng2.99 avit tonjoyatusd tou o gde de world't deodorted by
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rememberomownthr onber eysss lesi hat wantou ll wr wldou wder ck w youeeee canse t fa wa le g i plbars 'm lost r's mery that
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i tell y h am yebut o wui in rs nd los stas memmery emor ( rs applae )r alan d
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, yb l be rig bk.t geunuramily? r car r , or itoo nsiv t t-le!
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e yea than bm 0 mipe comned. i'rnie,d i apthisge.mylan -- street banksa- ss, wes for ayen
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hepl) nnouncdiesnd men, a wmheu.k., itor tne c hes anplau esk u u(cers d ) >>: la agemen, wco t"t ate "!ksei we tou verh!ank y (ched appl itpecial! so manks fng h la gentlemtoday op this are arms. re fio re sing e


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